Keep Clipsters and Carry On. We’re Staying Open (and Safe).

Clipsters do not want to add to the confusion or misinformation around Covid-19. Public Health England have stated (at the time of writing) that there is currently no evidence to suggest domestic pets can become ill with Covid-19. Nor can they spread the virus between people (despite some early reports from China suggesting it might be otherwise). However, we’re all now much more aware of good hygiene practices, and that applies to handling our pets as well.

At Clipsters, we use a clean, purpose-built grooming pod at the back of our home, so the only people that come into contact are our customers.

Clipsters’ clean grooming space

Cleanliness is important at all times when grooming. We UV sterilise the clippers to kill any bacteria and clean scissors and brushes before every groom.  All surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant specifically designed for dogs and proven to be an effective guard against numerous viruses (such as Canine Parvovirus), fungi and bacteria. (Plus my partner Simon is working from home now – so isn’t getting on the tube every day or mingling with colleagues.)

If you’re having to work from home or facing the possibility of fewer visitors popping around, the company of your dog will never feel as important. If you’re concerned about leaving the house at the moment, we can collect and return your dog (around £4 each way for customers within a 15 minute drive of Clipsters). For Clipsters’ customers who are vulnerable and self-isolating, we are currently waiving the additional pick-up and drop-off fee. Contact Clipsters for details.