Tier 4 at Clipsters

Clipsters remains open for urgent appointments only.

NOTE: The following update was originally posted with reference to the November lockdown, however the rules for dog groomers working in a Tier 4 area remain the same. If you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss booking an appointment in the new year, please get in touch.

Advice from the Canine & Feline Sector Group, the official body for everyone working with dogs and cats.

In line with official advice (above) from the Pet Industry Federation and the Canine & Feline Sector Group, Clipsters, in common with all groomers during November, will only be grooming dogs where their health and welfare is an issue.

We will be happy to book any appointments for after 2nd December, although these might be subject to change if restrictions are extended.

If you’re unsure, either about whether your dog is in urgent need of attention, or about how to look after your dog’s coat and nails until groomers are fully open again, please get in touch.

Information for Clipster customers during November:

  • Please DO NOT book an appointment if anyone in your house displays symptoms of Covid-19 or if they have been ill within the last 14 days.
  • Clipsters will continue to offer their pick-up and drop-off service in the local area. Appropriate distancing measures will be taken and discussed before confirming the appointment. The Clipsters car will be cleaned (inside) between journeys.
  • Whether you’re coming to Clipsters or we’re coming to you, we ask that you wear a face covering at all times, even outside.
  • At Clipsters Charlotte will greet you at the door. Drop off, hand over and collection will take place outside maintaining a 2m distance at all times (in line with official advice).
  • The Clipsters grooming space will be thoroughly cleaned between dogs. As ever, we will only work with one dog at a time (or two from the same household).

The safety and wellbeing of our customers (human and canine) is our top priority. We won’t take any unnecessary risks. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Thanks to all our customers and those that have shown us their support over the last few months. Stay safe everybody.