In the beginning, was clipsters...

Clipsters Dog Grooming Services was started in February 2020 by Charlotte.

After working in further education for a decade, Charlotte retrained as a dog groomer. She and her partner Simon bought a purpose-built grooming pod, which was squeezed into their modest East London garden.

Despite opening just weeks before the first Covid lockdown, business flourished, with an excellent group of loyal customers (human and canine). The business has grown so much, Charlotte cannot take on any more customers.

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The Clipsters pod being moved into position
Charlotte at work
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A new chapter

White terrier puppy reading a book on a table

Having built the grooming business into a success, it was time to consider what came next.

After plenty of research and deliberation, Charlotte and Simon decided that the right way to expand the Clipsters brand was with retail. They were uncomfortable, however, with the dominance of dog products made from unsustainable materials, with many using unrecycled and unrecyclable plastics. They created an online store that combined Charlotte’s professional knowledge (in addition to her grooming qualifications, she is also a certified dog trainer) with a range of products that are eco-friendly as well as premium quality, and with a focus on canine wellbeing and training.

clipsters & co's values

Increasingly, we all want to buy products that have sustainability at their core, without compromising on practicality or design. Yet there are so few options when it comes to dogs. Whilst we realise the need for products to be tough enough to endure the rough and tumble of life with a dog, as well as being hygenic, we feel that doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment.

Clipsters & Co. seek out products that look good, are good for the planet, and are good for our best friends. We research suppliers and focus on small businesses with a social and environment focus, whether it’s using recycled materials or materials that would otherwise be wasted. That’s why we partner with brands like EDDGY, Pingree Detroit, and Brush With Bamboo – companies that have social and environmental values at their core.

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If you are, or if you know, a company that is making products for dogs with a focus on sustainability and design, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

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