CLIPSTERS & CO. ADVICE –Dogs and Fireworks – Keeping Them Safe And Calm Fireworks – fun for some, but not generally for our four-legged friends. For dogs, fireworks can be a source of anxiety and fear. Many dogs find the flashes, and more significantly the loud noises terrifying. As owners, it’s our responsibility to ensure […]

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CLIPSTERS & CO ADVICE – How can I train my dog to stop chewING the furniture? (2 minute read) Dogs have a natural tendency to chew, especially as puppies. It’s important, however,  to train them not to chew on inappropriate items such as furniture, shoes or precious heirlooms. Chewing is an inherited instinct and a

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Clipsters & Co Advice –Spotting Common Behavioural problems in your dog Topics Biting their lead could be a sign of anxiety in dogs, whilst pulling could also be typical for their breed (2 minute read) There are many behavioural problems that dogs can exhibit, and many reasons underpinning them. Some of the most common issues

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