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Clipsters offer all levels of dog and puppy grooming services, for all types and size of dog, all over the Waltham Forest area of East London.

Here are some of the things we do and a guide to how much it costs (but do get in touch to discuss details).

Please be aware that Clipsters Dog Grooming Services are currently full and we are operating a waiting list for new clients.

The Full Clipster

Good for long/curly haired dogs that need a full groom.
Nails clipped, full wash and condition, groom and styling.
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The Quick Clipster

Good for long/curly haired dogs that have had a recent full groom but in need of a tidy up or a trim.
Nails trimmed, full wash and condition and a general tidy-up trim.
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Wash & Go Go Go

Good for dogs with short hair who only need a wash & dry (or dogs that have been on a recent adventure).
Nails trimmed, full wash and condition, and a thorough brush.
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Other Clipster Services

Other services include hand stripping, puppy and new dog intros, and dogs with special coats.
Prices & Details

Please see read this before booking any treatment with Clipsters.

If you’re not sure what might be right for your dog or if you need to discuss any aspect of grooming before making a booking with Clipsters, please get in touch.

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