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Sustainability covers a wide variety of areas, but generally we look for products made of recycled materials, or materials that would otherwise go to waste. We also look at products made of natural materials where those materials are replenished with a minimum of impact on the planet. Finally we also consider factors like the use of chemicals in production, or the excessive use of water and land.

We are aware of the limitations that come with making products that are durable and hygenic – essential traits for dog products – but also sustainable. There’s a reason so many products for dogs are made from plastics and human-made materials, and it’s not just cost. We take a pragmatic approach and know that the perfect solution doesn’t always exist. At the same time, if we cannot find a type of product, say harnesses or slow feeder bowls, that make reasonable efforts towards sustainability, we will choose not to stock anything in that product category.

We are always on the look-out for new products that fulfil our ethos of sustainable, practical and stylish. If you make such items, or know someone who does, please get in touch.

Of all of the items we have tried to stock, harnesses have been one of the most difficult. Very few companies make harnesses from sustainable materials (most use materials like nylon and neoprene). Furthermore, we are aware that many owners use harnesses unecessarily, on dogs that simply don’t need them, and on dogs whose coats suffer from knotting and matting which is greatly exacerbated by wearing a harness.

When we do find a harness we feel is right for Clipsters & Co. we will stock them alongside details of how to get them most from them, and how to make sure their dog remains comfortable and knot-free.

Whilst we agree that leather substitutes such as apple leather and coated webbing fabrics are a step in the right direction, we are aware of the problems. Although ‘real’ leather uses huge amounts of land and water, unfortunately the processes behind most leather substitutes also use very large quantities of water, energy, and in some cases chemicals.

We take a practical approach to these issues and whilst we do not dismiss these products, we prefer to focus on products that upcycle leather that would otherwise go to waste. Leather is comfortable for dogs and humans, is very durable, natural, and can help avoid issues like the matting of coats.

Clipsters & Co. hope that in the future, materials technology will develop a low-cost, low-impact, high-quality alternative to leather. In the meantime we will seek out manufacturers that make innovative, efficient use of what others would waste.

Clipsters & Co. process website payments using Stripe,a trusted payment platform used by websites and retailers around the world. Via Stripe and Woocommerce we accept payment from Google Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa, and other major card providers. Payments to Clipsters and Co. should appear on your account as Clipsters & Co. but some providers may use other reference names and numbers.  Stripe and similar payment platforms maintain security by directly processing your card details. Your payment details are not shared with Clipsters & Co.

Clipsters & Co. do not accept payment via bank transfer, cheque, cash on delivery, and we do not work with credit providers or buy now, pay later platforms. If you have any questions about paying for your products, or how we process payments, please email

Clipsters & Co. use Royal Mail First Class for all deliveries, with the exception of large/bulky items, for which we use Parcelforce. These services offer delivery to most UK addresses within two days. We will dispatch all orders within 24 hours of reciept. We will do everything we can to get your order to you as quickly as possible but we cannot be held liable for unforeseeable delays including weather, time of year, and industrial disputes. We will always try to plan, and will contact you if we believe a delay is possible.

If you are unhappy with your order, or if it is damaged, please contact Clipsters & Co. as soon as possible at with your order reference, name, delivery address, and details of the issue. We will respond within five days to let you know how to proceed.

You can return your order within 14 days of receipt for any reason. If your item is faulty, this period extends to 30 days. You can cancel your order at any point before we send you a order dispatched confirmation. If a refund or replacement item is required, we will process this within five working days and will keep you informed of progress.

Note that, in the case of refunds, we cannot predict how long it will take for funds to appear in your account as different payment providers, banks and platforms can take varying amounts of time to process refunds. If you are expecting a refund, and you cannot see it on your account, please contact your bank or provider in the first instance before contacting Clipsters & Co.

All items sold by Clipsters & Co. undergo checking and testing. Your safety and that of your dog is of paramount importance to us. If you receieve an item that you believe is not of the quality or standard you expect, please do not use the item and contact us as soon as possible, by email, and with photographic evidence if appropriate.

Most items sold by Clipsters & Co. are durable and require little maintenance as they are designed for the rough and tumble of life around a dog. In some cases, items may be accompanied by instructions or useage details which should be adhered to. These may include things like whether an item is dishwasher or microwave proof/safe. Items should be used as expected and as outlined in our product descriptions. We cannot be held liable for items that fail when used incorrectly or inappropriately. If you have any questions about how to use an item bought from Clipsters & Co. please contact us.

Some of our products are made from materials such as leather. Leather and suede are natural products and whilst resilient, they need to be maintained. For the everyday cleaning of leather, use a sensitive hand soap. Never use harsh chemicals. For more ingrained dirt, and for an annual clean, use saddle soap and a brush. For suede, use specialised suede cleaning products.

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