Clipsters & Co Advice –IS IT TOO COLD FOR MY DOG? (3 minute read) Topics As the weather takes a frosty turn, we all want to wrap up warm and stay indoors, but our canine companions may think differently. Here’s our short guide to keeping your dog safe as the temperature drops, and some alternatives […]

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Clipsters & Co Advice –Dogs and Bed Bugs – What You Need to Know (3 minute read) Topics There’s a lot of talk about bed bugs lately, with infestations occurring across Europe. We know they can be tricky to get rid of, and irritating to humans, but what about dogs? For dog parents, here are

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CLIPSTERS & CO. ADVICE –Dogs and Fireworks – Keeping Them Safe And Calm Fireworks – fun for some, but not generally for our four-legged friends. For dogs, fireworks can be a source of anxiety and fear. Many dogs find the flashes, and more significantly the loud noises terrifying. As owners, it’s our responsibility to ensure

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Clipsters & Co. advice –Sustainability and dog ownership – being green with your best friend When it comes to leading a sustainable lifestyle, our furry friends can play an important role. Whilst the companionship and opportunity for exercise they offer is a big positive, caring for a dog also means asking some questions about how

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CLIPSTERS & CO. ADVICE – WHAT YOUR DOG NEEDS YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THE SUMMER (3 minute read) TOPICS Summer’s here, and whilst that means more opportunities to spend time outside with our dogs, it also comes with a few challenges. Dogs are particularly susceptible to the heat. Whether you’re out and about enjoying the

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CLIPSTERS & CO ADVICE – How can I train my dog to stop chewING the furniture? (2 minute read) Dogs have a natural tendency to chew, especially as puppies. It’s important, however,  to train them not to chew on inappropriate items such as furniture, shoes or precious heirlooms. Chewing is an inherited instinct and a

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CLIPSTERS & CO MAKERS PROFILE:Detroit – home of cars, motown…and great dog products (2.5 minute read) Clipsters & Co. are proud to be the first retailer in the UK to provide dog products made by the Pingree Detroit Manufacturing Company. Pingree Detroit are a model social enterprise. They create high-quality products, in a sustainable and

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Clipsters & Co Advice –Spotting Common Behavioural problems in your dog Topics Biting their lead could be a sign of anxiety in dogs, whilst pulling could also be typical for their breed (2 minute read) There are many behavioural problems that dogs can exhibit, and many reasons underpinning them. Some of the most common issues

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Clipsters & Co Advice –Thinking of homing a new dog? A few things to consider… (2 minute read) Here comes trouble…A new puppy in the home requires a lot of preparation. If you’re thinking about getting a new dog, whether a puppy or a rescue, there are a few things to consider before making the

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After three years of working with brilliant dogs around Waltham Forest and North East London, Clipsters are going to explore new opportunities. We’ll continue to provide the first-class grooming services that have become our hallmark, but after a year of study and practice, Charlotte is now also a Certified Dog Trainer. Her qualification (with a

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