Dog Treat Pouch


A sturdy, water-resistant dog treat pouch made from recycled materials. Ideal for quick, clean access to treats for your dog whilst out and about or training.

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This blue and black treat pouch is the ideal way to keep your dog’s favourite treats to hand when out and about. The pouch features a metal clip to attach it to a belt, lead or bag. There’s a small pocket on the front, and a drawstring to keep treats safe from eager paws.

The treat pouch is made from recycled materials and is water-resistant. Ideal for training or simply to keep a ready store of treats for regular walks. If you prefer to keep treats in your pocket, the pouch makes a perfect pocket liner so you won’t be finding old bits of treat when you’re searching for your keys.

The pouch is approximately 16cm square and can hold a good handful of treats. It’s designed by Paws the Planet – a small UK business producing seaside-themed dog products that are always sustainably and responsibly made.

Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 cm


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A dog treat pouch is a really useful accessory when out and about with your best friend. It means quick and easy access to a ready supply of treats, without having to fumble around in pockets and bags. These pouches are perfect for training exercises that use treats as a reward or distraction. Whether you’re working on recall, reactivity or obedience – the treat pouch is the trainer’s best friend. As well as a neat and simple design, this pouch is made of recycled plastics and fabrics.
Treats can be used in a wide variety of training exercises. It can be as simple as throwing treats a short distance so your dog can find them by sight and smell. Or it can be more involved activities like hiding treats or using them as a reward for obeying commands like sit and stay.

Using treats in training means being able to quickly access the treat (to avoid frustrating your dog). This pouch facilitates quick, easy, clean access to those treats.

Be careful not to reward poor or undesirable behaviours with treats. It can be tempting to give a treat as a distraction or a bribe, but it’s not always the best practice. Make sure the environment is suitable for the training activity, free of any objects that might harm your dog. Always consult professional advice on training practices.
There are no size options for this product. It is suitable for any dog or breed. The pouch is approximately 16cm square when laid flat.
If you’re a Clipsters dog grooming customer, check our click & collect option.

Shipping costs apply – £5.50 for items upto 2kg;
£7.50 for items between 2kg and 10kg;
£9 for bulky/large items.

Your dog treat pouch will be dispatched within five working days of order. If there is a stock issue or you have ordered other items with which there is an issue, we will contact you. If you are not satisfied with your treat pouch, or if the product (but not the packaging) is damaged in dispatch, please contact us within 14 days of receipt with details (including photos if appropriate) and we will process a replacement or refund as quickly as possible. (Also check our shipping terms and conditions.)
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