Leucillin antiseptic spray (60ml)


A pH neutral, highly effective antiseptic spray ideal for dealing with the minor abrasions and skin irritations that can be an everyday part of a dog’s life.

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A gentle antiseptic spray that is ideal for dealing with the minor abrasions and skin irritations that can be part of everyday dog life. Leucillin is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal solution that is non-toxic and non-irritant. Based on a naturally occurring antibody, Leucillin is one of the most effective yet safest antiseptics available.

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Recommended by professionals, Leucillin calms and cleans cuts, grazes and abrasions. It kills bacteria on contact whilst being pH neutral and gentle enough for sensitive skin. This bottle is the ideal size to put in a bag or pocket, perfect for long walks with adventurous and mischievous dogs that might pick up the odd scrape along the way. (It’s good for human use as well as canine.)
As soon as an injury or irritation is spotted, spray Leucillin once into the air (to clean the nozzle) and then directly and liberally onto the affected area. Where necessary, soak a piece of cotton wool in order to apply to sensitive or hard-to-reach areas. Leucillin is non-toxic and safe, but always read the label before use.
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