PINGUI travel water bottle and bowl


Stylish, quirky all-in-one water bottle and bowl, perfect for keeping your dog hydrated whilst also easy to carry or put in a bag.

The PINGUI travel water bottle and bowl neatly combines a reusable water bottle and a bowl. The bottle contains an anti-drop valve to prevent water from spilling during transport. There’s a fabric lanyard to hold or attach to a bag. Pour water into the bottle and screw it into the bowl/top. When your dog needs a drink, flip open the PINGUI and gently squeeze the bottle to pour water directly into the bowl. It’s easy to fill, light and compact. The perfect bit of kit for long walks and days out.

Keeping your dog hydrated is vitally important, especially when out walking and exercising. With increasingly warm summers, having a ready supply for water for your dog has become essential.

This stylish and quirky all-in-one bottle and bowl is designed and made in Italy from 100% recycled plastic by United Pets.

When closed the bottle measures 10.5 x 4 x 14.5cm with a capacity of approximately 250ml.

The PINGUI bottle is available in Aquamarine, Brilliant Yellow, and Chalk Pink.


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This clever piece of design brilliantly combines a water bottle and a bowl – something we haven’t seen before. Many owners use a separate bottle and foldable bowl but the PINGUI stylishly removes the need to carry extra items, and the need to buy plastic bottles of water. The PINGUI also improves on the dog water bottles that owners have to hold out for their dog to use. It’s also made from recycled plastics.
Dogs need to drink regularly, especially in warm weather, as their main way to cool down is through panting, which expels a lot of moisture. If you’re out and about, fill PINGUI before you leave and if your dog starts to pant or hasn’t drunk for a few hours, lay this down in front of them.

When you first receive your PINGUI, please wash out the bottle and bowl before use.
There are no size options for this product. The bowl is around 14cm in diameter, so may be more suitable for small to medium-sized breeds (terriers and toy breeds upto greyhounds, collies etc.)
Shipping costs apply – £5.50 for items upto 2kg; £7.50 for items between 2kg and 10kg; £9 for bulky/large items.

Your PINGUI will be dispatched within five working days of order. If there is a stock issue or you have ordered other items with which there is an issue, we will contact you. If you are not satisfied with PINGUI, or if the product (but not the packaging) is damaged in dispatch, please contact us within 14 days with details (including photos if appropriate) and we will process a replacement or refund as quickly as possible. (Also check our shipping terms and conditions.)
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