Detroit - home of cars, motown...and great dog products

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Clipsters & Co. are proud to be the first retailer in the UK to provide dog products made by the Pingree Detroit Manufacturing Company. They are a model social enterprise, creating high-quality products, in a sustainable and carbon-neutral way. From the home of the US auto industry, Pingree Detroit use materials from the sector to create stylish products from sneakers to bags, as well as superb leads, collars and other accessories for dogs.

Pingree Detroit logo and Detroit skyline

The Pingree Detroit Manufacturing Company is a social enterprise based in Detroit, Michigan that specialises in producing high-quality, handmade products while providing job opportunities and training for military veterans, the long-term unemployed, and those that have experienced homelessness. They train their people in a range of skills from manufacturing to product design and make creative use of products from the city’s world-famous automotive industry.

The company was founded in 2015 by Jarret Schlaff, a social entrepreneur who saw a need for job opportunities for homeless individuals in Detroit. He named the company after Hazen S. Pingree, a former mayor of Detroit who was known for his progressive policies and efforts to support the city’s working class.

Every walk is a car ride - Pingree Detroit advert with dog enjoying a car ride

Pingree Detroit produces a range of products, including leather bags, wallets, and accessories, as well as footwear, and of course, products for dogs. All of their products are handmade in their Detroit workshop using locally-sourced materials whenever possible. The company also partners with local businesses and organisations to provide job training and support services to their employees.

In addition to providing job opportunities, Pingree Detroit is committed to sustainability and ethical production practices. They use eco-friendly materials and techniques to minimize their environmental impact, and they pay their employees a living wage. The leather they use comes from car seats and steering wheels, their dog leads are made from seat belt webbing, ensuring both comfort, quality and resilience. They also use sturdy, US-sourced metalwork such as clips, rivets and carabiners, and military-grade thread for stiching.

The Pingree Detroit Manufacturing Company has received recognition for their work, including being named a finalist for the 2018 Detroit Innovation Awards and being featured in publications such as Forbes, the Detroit Free Press, and Model D.

The company’s impact goes beyond just providing job opportunities and producing high-quality products. They also work to build community and promote social justice. They have organized events such as the “Women of Pingree” panel discussion, which featured women leaders in the Detroit community, and they have partnered with organisations such as the Detroit Justice Center to support criminal justice reform efforts.

Pingree Detroit is an inspiring example of a social enterprise that is using business as a force for good. By providing job opportunities, promoting sustainability and ethical production practices, and working to build community and promote social justice, they are making a positive impact on both the local and global level.

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