Bamboo flexible slicker brush


The ideal grooming tool for those with curly, longer or ‘doodle’ coats. Durable, hygenic stainless steel pins gently remove tangles, loose fur, and debris. The natural rubber head is flexible, bending with light pressure and making for a more comfortable experience for both you and your best friend. One side of the brush features fine pins for general brushing, light tangles and knots, whilst the other side has firm pins which help with matted coats.

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A professional quality slicker brush, perfect for curly, longer and dogs with ‘doodle’-type coats. Used correctly and regularly, this brush can help keep knots and mats at bay, keeping your dog comfortable and making their visits to the groomer a much more positive experience.

This brush features a dual, natural rubber head, which creates two levels of flexibility along with fine pins (grey side) for general brushing and light knots and tangles, and firm pins (black side) for tackling more established mats and knots.

The stainless steel pins are both durable and hygienic.The shaped bamboo handle is comfortable for you, even with prolonged use, and is sustainable.

For more on how to use a slicker brush, see our article and read the ‘HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM THIS PRODUCT’ section.

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Dimensions 25 × 8.5 × 4.5 cm


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The flexible, natural rubber head makes the design of this brush both very effective and gentle on your dog, reducing discomfort and the chance of ‘brush burn’. It’s also less tiring on your wrists, making brushing more comfortable for you.

The rubber and bamboo construction make this a sustainable choice over the more usual plastic moulded options, as does the compostable packaging (necessary to protect the pins during shipping).
Be sure to regularly brush your dog’s coat to the skin – this is where mats can start to develop and it’s often missed.

Use a regular, short, cyclical brushing motion from tail to head in the direction of the hair growth, and avoid putting too much pressure on the brush – you can damage the pins of the brush and potentially hurt your dog.

If your dog has a knot in their coat, always try to gently tease and brush it out. Although your dog may not enjoy it, they will be more uncomfortable if it’s left unattended.

Try to get your dog accustomed to the sensation of brushing. They can show signs of discomfort, especially if there is a knot in their coat, but regular brushing is necessary for their wellbeing, and can become a good bonding experience. Remember to pay particular attention to friction areas, especially if they wear a harness.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to brush your dog, or dealing with mats and knots, read our article and speak to your groomer.
There are no size options for this product. The brush head is approximately 7x6cm, and the overall length (including handle) is 20.5cm.
Shipping costs apply – £5.50 for items upto 2kg; £7.50 for items between 2kg and 10kg; £9 for bulky/large items.

Your Flexible Slicker Brush will be dispatched within five working days of order. If there is a stock issue or you have ordered other items with which there is an issue, we will contact you.

If you are not satisfied with Flexible Slicker Brush, or if the product (but not the packaging) is damaged in dispatch, please contact us within 14 days of receipt with details (including photos if appropriate) and we will process a replacement or refund as quickly as possible. (Also check our shipping terms and conditions.)
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