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19cm stainless steel, professional quality coat comb. Perfect for everyday coat maintenance and for tackling tangles and knots.

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19cm stainless steel, professional quality coat comb. This comb is essential for dogs with longer, curly, double or doodle-coats.

Made from high-quality steel, it’s perfect for everyday coat maintenance, tackling tangles before they become knots or mats, and for combing out dirt and objects picked up during adventures. It’s also ideal for simply making sure your best friend looks their best.

The metal comb teeth are strong but rounded and flexible, making for a durable product that reduces the risk of scratching your dog’s skin. The comb is split 50/50 between fine and coarse/wide teeth.

Read the HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM THIS PRODUCT section, as well as our article on How To Brush Your Dog, for tips on how to keep your dog’s coat looking its best.

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Dimensions 19 × 3 × .5 cm


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A good metal comb is vital for keeping for dog’s coat clean and knot-free. It’s particularly important for dogs with beards, long ear hair, skirts, leg feathers and/or fluffy bodies and tails.

Used extensively by professional dog groomers, these metal dog combs are hard-wearing, gentle and comfortable to use. The pins are strong, yet flexible, with rounded ends to minimise the risk of scratching your dog. They’re weighted just right so you can comb thoroughly and gently without your hand aching too much. These metal combs are also durable and easy to clean, so should last for years.
Use this metal comb to remove tangles, dead hair, and dirt from your dog’s coat. Most dogs benefit from a regular combing, at least once a week. Speak to your groomer about how best to comb and brush your dog, as well as what areas to pay particular attention to.

This comb’s wider-spaced pins can be used to de-tangle as well as to fluff up hair on breeds like Pomeranians, corgis, huskies, and poodles. The finer teeth can be used around your dog’s face and feet and to remove dead hair.

Use the comb alongside a slicker brush. Brush your dog’s coat with a slicker to get through knots before using the comb to tackle more difficult tangles. Gently but thoroughly comb in the direction of the coat’s growth. Try to tease out any knots, but if they’re particularly stubborn or established, speak to a groomer. For more on how to brush your dog, see our article.

After use, wipe the comb with a clean dry cloth. If there’s any dirt in the comb, wash with a gentle soap or handwash, rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow it to dry naturally before the next use.

These combs are very sturdy, however, should pins become damaged or bent, replace the comb as soon as possible.
There are no size options for this product. The metal dog comb is 19cm long with 3cm long teeth. The teeth are split 50/50, fine and coarse. It is suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog with long, curly or double coats.
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Your metal comb will be dispatched within five working days of order. If there is a stock issue or you have ordered other items with which there is an issue, we will contact you.

If you are not satisfied with the comb, or if the product (but not the packaging) is damaged in dispatch, please contact us within 14 days of receipt with details (including photos if appropriate) and we will process a replacement or refund as quickly as possible. (Also check our shipping terms and conditions.)
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